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What the critics are saying:

"From the womb of Appalachia as informed by Pink Floyd to Widespread Panic and the world birthed the Anthony Wayne Vibe. Swaddled in cloaks of jam band touches and positivity, the band of tuneful gypsies stand upright and stride to newly forged approaches to music." - Tom Netherland / Bristol Herarld Courier
"enjoy the contemplative style here" - Ear To The Ground
"I like your voice and your message. You have talent" - The Beat Matters
"nice mellow sound" - Digital Tour Bus
"cool and interesting stuff" - Santa Rosa Records
"beautiful vocals" - SSG
"a good sense of production and rock atmosphere" - We All Want Someone To Shout For
"cool emotion" - Various Small Flames
"a slight psych edge but somewhat softer in its experimental" - MP3 Hugger

The Gate - "good style"

Bonfire Records - " appreciate the live style "

After People Records - " great traveling music - a good vibe "

Admirable Traits Records - " a bit festival-y or mature "

Canvas Records - " like the guitar "

Ambulance Recordings - " great song, keep up the good work "

Santa Rosa Records - " nice chill vibey jam, cool stuff "

NoFace Records - " love the guitars here a lot! Keep it up and send us more "

Bespoke Records - " a cool vibe and great groove "

Acre Alley - " has a nice kind of Counting Crows vibe "

howsaboutNow Records - " certainly a cool vibe you've created here "

The Record Machine - " this sounds cool, the vocals are a strong point " 

FBP Music Publishing - " technically in good condition and a great composition "

Blanket Fort - " fun 90s earth rock vibes, I like this style "

Overblown - " warm and lush "

Pop Occulture - " the song kind of reminds me of later David Byrne world music influenced work, it's well performed "

mp3hugger - " it has certainly got the funk and could really come into its own in concert because of its earthy and organic energy "

Ear To The Ground Music - " has a cool easy going vibe " 

Various Small Flames - " the mood set out here works well and the vocals are a good fit " 

EARMILK - " the vocal delivery has a lot of emotive range " 

buffaBLOG - " bit of a wholesome college rock from the 90s sound " 

"ripe in perseverance, hope and positivity, it's propulsive melody and empowering lyrics seem abundantly welcome.." - Tom Netherland / Bristol Herald Courier