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We are reaching out to our fans, friends, and family to help us record our long awaited album.

Earth By Train is a progressive/fusion blend of Americana jam. It is a band consisting of three members. Anthony Wayne, a skateboard kid turned drummer from Ohio on vocals and guitar, Tyler Mullins, an athlete from the mountains of Southwest Virginia on bass and vocals. Rodney Twyne, a drum corp student from Connecticut on drums. Three members who grew up under similar circumstances and eventually found eachother states away. Joining forces and giving it a name. After spending many years on the road writing, rehearsing and perfecting many songs, a few attempts at recording were made. Although, the music was documented, the vibe was not. In between these recording sessions were many shows and rehearsals which only proved to tighten an already tight band. Show after show, Earth By Train began to perfect it's sound. 

Now, we are ready to record the album the fans deserve to have. 

"We want to release the best album we can for the fans. This is for our friends, our family, and ultimately for us. We all deserve the best product possible and with everyone joining forces we can and we will deliver," says Anthony Wayne. 

We are reaching out to YOU for your support, guidance, and your assistance in funding. In return, we are excited to share with you cool incentives and rewards that will come along with this awesome campaign. 

We appreciate any interest and kindness you can provide. We are men with a dream and we won't stop until these songs are sent into the Universe. 


Earth By Train