It's a matter of perspective really ..

I suppose it’s time to tell the story. One that I’ll gladly share, with honesty and love, in a concise manner. For even the tough times deliver us to where we are.

The last several years have been trying and yet very much hopeful. Loving the journey and what you do but the bruises stack up along the way. Adding colour to the palette. In 2016/2017, along with Rodney Twyne and Tyler Mullins, I began recording what was to be the Earth By Train debut. We went to Riot City Studios in Morgantown ,WV and spent a week. We had quite a bit of audio that was very good and useable but it wasn’t our best foot forward as a band. We were fractured at that point. I felt it was only a matter of time. Upon returning, it appeared my vision was no longer their vision. Although never easy, it always works out for the best. I continued alone with these recordings in various studios, including my own at Small Niche Market Records. This would and will eventually become the second Anthony Wayne album,

Heart Byt Rain, As If”.

The album, “Heart Byt Rain, As If'“, frought with possible negative origins, ended up becoming something I am overly proud of and extremely fortunate to share with you. Combining elements of funk and soul with sampled sections and layers of harmony and sound. Stories of Life, Direction, Purpose, Love and Redemption. A record that was truly lost but with the help of some special people and musicians; and my own personal belief system , found its way home. Truly can’t wait to share this with you. One or two more months and it will see the light. During the demise of that line up for Earth By Train, I entertained shutting it all down. Either quitting all together or getting back to what I truly heard in my head. I had been pulled completely away from the sound I craved. It happens. However the Universe had other plans and I was joined by Elick Todt and Austin Wright. Absolutely incredible musicians and I began to believe that Earth By Train had more juice in the tank. We played for about a year together and half way through that I could feel it dying on the vine. So I began writing more songs and planning the next leap. About this time last year I came in contact with Michael Dolen and we began discussions of what would become

Anthony Wayne Vibe

Michael and myself had similar tastes, both played drums and come from percussive backgrounds. It was a great fit immediately. Then on the secmmond to last Earth By Train show, I was approached by Kevin Dotson, who not only heard parts that he felt were missing but blantantly stated he wanted to join. I spoke about the new sound I was hearing and writing and it wasn’t long before Michael, Kevin and myself began rehearsals. Earth By Train played it’s last show at Holston River Brewing in Bristol,VA in April 2018. Elick and Austin were not able to continue due to family and personal responsibilites. Anthony Wayne Vibe began its first run in May . Slowly gaining songs, strength and momentum. With the addition of Ellis Waddell on bass, the stage was set. The second full band show was for six thousand highly excited people in Kingsport, TN. Most of that show can be seen on our Youtube page. The audio was released as part of our VibeLive series Limited Edition of 500 that we sold out of very quickly. Over the last eight months we’ve played about 50-60 shows to some very supportive crowds in very supportive cities.

And that brings us to here..

So what’s next?

We signed with Melody Shack Entertainment to help us handle the growing booking needs. We began our own festival, AVIBE, which has it’s second offering in October of this year. We recorded one batch of tunes, recorded the audio of every show we played last year and we’re recording for a week in Nashville. Most of the Anthony Wayne Vibe debut will be compiled from those two sessions plus some live material. We couldn’t be happier. Sonically, the music has never sounded or felt better. The energy and spirit of the members are so in line with what I had always intended. A brotherhood, a team of incredibly talented players delivering blistering groove and improvisational jam with a singer/songwriter focus. It slowly grew from the ashes into what I knew it could, or at least had hoped it could. I’m thankful for the years, players, and venues that Earth By Train was able to be part of. Equally, I’m lookingh forward with extreme excitement as we give Life to this new chapter and revive these tunes with new vigor and vibe.

2019/2020 will be years of intense work and dedication. An immense amount of product output and band visibility. Records will be released. Shows will be played. Tours will be booked. Tons of new venues are being added, some old ones forever gone away.

We will remain. We are fighters with extreme hustle and much music and Life to share. I’ll make sure the music gets out there.Life has a tendency to Live itself and , most times gets in the way. All the while directing our movie and putting us where we need to be. Good and Bad. Pain and Pressure. Love and Vibe. It brings us out the other side. Sometimes we make it. Most times we don’t. Earth By Train had a wonderful and rigorous run, I am grateful for everyone who supported that. However, it was time to close that chapter and begin anew.

The new chapter is Anthony Wayne Vibe. Some call us The Vibe. Some just use AWV. We are brothers and have the same vision. We can’t wait for you to hear it.

Thank you and much respect


Jan 30, 2019